Plenty of information, but no one is sharing it with you

From a 2016 article in the UK Daily Express: Click here to see article

” … According to new research by the British Heart Foundation […] one in three heart attack survivors has gone on to suffer with anxiety or depression.

Furthermore, 75 per cent of heart patients admit that depression has had a significant, ongoing impact on their daily lives.”

Welcome to my world.

I am a “heart patient”. I had open-heart surgery; it did not go all that well, and I ended up with a (totally unplanned and unexpected) pacemaker. The guy in the article did not have OHS. He received stents – this kind of intervention is far, far less invasive and shocking. He was 36, super-fit, a competitive runner. I was simply someone who did – and still does – strength, endurance and flexibility training 4 to 5 times a week). He had a heart attack; I was advised to have surgery for a bicuspid aorta valve and aneurism in the ascending aorta.

Regarding the after-effects of cardiac surgery:

Was I advised of the strong likelihood of post-op depression (75%) by anyone at the CHUV?


Not one word. Instead, my distress was increased exponentially by the horrendous conditions in the Soins Continus ward (High Dependency Unit) right after the surgery. And whenever I tried to make my distress known, I was (best case scenario) met with contempt, or else told off by nurses, and later, told off very aggressively by the surgeon.

Super! Great Swiss quality! You are expected to shut up and put up, no matter that you are as vulnerable as a new-born baby, with wires and tubes hanging out of your body and hooked up to various high-tech systems.

They can treat you any way they like, because in this condition, even if you’re fit enough to walk, as I was, you can’t walk out of the hospital. You are a prisoner, at their mercy.

Be warned, if ever you put your health and safety in the hands of these people!

No compassion, no understanding, no information.

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