Many people think the Hippocratic Oath says, succinctly: "First do no harm" - but it appears that it's nothing like as straightforward as that, and certainly not as short! And of course there's the problem of translation: not everything can be translated exactly. Hippocrates is rumoured to have been born around 460 BC ( although... Continue Reading →


I'm not saying that my experience has necessarily been exceptionally bad; indeed, it seems that arrogance and lack of compassion among medical practitioners are very much the norm in the "rich countries" of the world.

I'm not saying Switzerland is the worst example in the world either. The truly horrifying thought is that it may be considered one of the "best" (the criterion being the number of astronomically expensive monitoring machines each patient can be hooked up to at any given time).

In other words, the standard is unbelievably low when it comes to treating the human being as a human being, and not as an irrelevant envelope for the defective organ(s) that need to be repaired.

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