Five days ago, on the 13th December, was my one year anniversary of the heart surgery that has changed my body, my life and my perception of the way medicine is practised in the country I live in, for ever. There is no going back. Some of my horror stories, in small doses, are to... Continue Reading →

Les Soins continus – un monde absurde

Dans ce qu'ils appellent les Soins continus au CHUV, la vaste majorité des soignants (médecins et chirurgiens inclus), semble croire que si le patient est consterné par son environnement, il n'a aucune justification de l'être. C'est la faute exclusive dudit patient. Il incombe à lui, et uniquement à lui, de faire abstraction du fait qu'il... Continue Reading →

The worst thing of all

In the "shit happens" category
Of everything that has resulted from my open-heart surgery (in December 2016), the worst thing is without doubt coming out of it *unexpectedly* dependent on a (highly visible) implanted pacemaker for the rest of my life. For someone energetic and sporty who values their autonomy and independence, that sucks more than I can describe.

But I can't and don't blame anyone. It was a known risk, albeit an infinitesimally small one. But shit happens. Everyone knows life is not fair.

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