“Swiss socialism”

First, some context: This part is for people who have always lived (a) in a city (b) somewhere in the English-speaking world. You, with your education and urban experiences, may find yourself sorely unprepared for what happens to you when you need serious surgery in a place like Switzerland, which has plenty of money, not... Continue Reading →

Status: 29 May 2017

I still have the problem that whenever I lie on my left side in bed, my heart goes THUD! every time I draw a breath. The THUD! feeling is jarring and not pleasant at all. As breathing is something I still do regularly, you can imagine why I prefer to sleep on my right side.... Continue Reading →

The worst thing of all

In the "shit happens" category
Of everything that has resulted from my open-heart surgery (in December 2016), the worst thing is without doubt coming out of it *unexpectedly* dependent on a (highly visible) implanted pacemaker for the rest of my life. For someone energetic and sporty who values their autonomy and independence, that sucks more than I can describe.

But I can't and don't blame anyone. It was a known risk, albeit an infinitesimally small one. But shit happens. Everyone knows life is not fair.

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